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Barine has ben ravaged by the merciless demon Pisrek for the last 1000 years; the only habitable area left on Barine is the top of the tallest mountain in the eternal spires; an area that is shared with the great forest Nai-La-Ona. Trapped between the mist and the forest, the people of Barine are desperate for change.

Most Recent Session: Session Post – A gate destroyed and a pending vote

Current Adventuring Party:
Bruce Greyshadow | Clifton | Jahn | Jin | Korinn Quinn | Oestra

Notable NPCs:
Baltus Rove | Udotumal (Udo) | Lord Seatiln Droverson | Lady Caistine Dagarkin | Petneiros Lightouch | Lord Beestinger | Chelsea

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Chuul | dark mists

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The Edge of Barine

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