The Edge of Barine

Session Post: Into the goblin cave

from our February 27th session

John playing Jahn
Toby playing Korinn Quinn
Ben playing Clifton and Jin
Chris playing Bruce Greyshadow and Oestra

Notable Quotables:
“I try to hit the button on the opposite side of the tent with an arrow” – Clifton
*rolls dice* The arrow flies wide right leaving a hole in the canvas.
“I throw my hammer at it” – Jahn
*rolls dice* It hits the tent, causing it to collapse. The canvas covers you.

“I want Jin to disguise himself as a female goblin so he can seduce them. Does Jin know what a female goblin looks like? Has he ever seen one?” – Ben

After finishing up with the council, the party headed to a nearby inn for the night. Early the next morning they were greeted by (and in Clifton’s case, woken up by) Udotumal (Udo) who had some information about the upcoming mission into the mist. He explained that Baltus Rove had used a mineral called glowstone (or sometimes glowmetal) to create the FAJ gate; the mineral had been changed and warped by the chaotic energy being released from a nearby chaos scar. He informed the party that Baltus recently made a secret trip into the dark mists to the goblin cave where the chaos scar is located. After sharing some more logistic information about the mission, he bid them all farewell and returned to the temple.

The party then took the rickshaws that were waiting downstairs to the Rear Defensive Unit (Unit N1RDU) which is where the mission would depart from after nightfall that night (in order to keep the foray into the mists a secret). After meeting the guards of N1RDU (and an embarrassing attempt to display their combat accuracy), the party decided to rest until nightfall. After the sun set, the heroes prepared and headed down the path following the instructions that Udo had given them and eventually found the goblin cave.

Once inside, they quickly set themselves to killing goblins (after a painful attempt to disguise Jin as a female goblin). They quickly discover that not only are the goblins using fine weapons and armor stolen from the N1RDU, but they have augmented them with the strange glowstone found in these caverns. They also noticed that the goblins had learned to tame animals, namely bats, a practice hereto unheard of. After some goblin bloodshed, one of the goblins in the first pack ran to get help from some bat riders and the great cavern clusterf$%k ensued as they brought the fight to the narrow corridors between rooms. They managed to kill them without alerting any new goblins; impressive!

Choosing the more eerie of the two paths ahead, they found the leader of this strange band of goblins, Glork! Glork (a disfigured goblin with a fleshly shield-like protrusion on one arm and a sword imbedded in the other) ordered his compatriots to attack but wouldn’t move far from the chaos pool in his living quarters. As Oestra and Jahn moved in, they were compelled by the strange pool in this room to move into the water where they were attacked by a large mass of goblin flesh (the mass briefly consumed dear Oestra as well). With the bulk of the party fighting from the doorway, they managed to rid the room of all goblin life, cut the strange sword from Glork’s arm, and seal the chaos scar emanating through the lurid pool. (this was a nearly very costly battle, as the final explosion of the goblin mass brought the knocked out Oestra to within 1 hitpoint of permanent death!)

They filled their packs with the abundant glowstone laying around this room and backtracked to examine the last unexplored path. This path brought them to another fork, one leading to a fleshy wall, and one leading to a cookery area of the cave. The party went with the fleshy wall, destroying it and proceeding to the abandoned barracks beyond (the wall had clearly absorbed all the goblins that were left in here). Inspecting a desk in the back or this area, they found a cryptic document which revealed an agreement between Baltus and the goblins.

This is were we left off. There is still one area left to explore (and loot) if the party decides to go that route. Either way, they have plenty of time to make it back to camp before the spell protecting them from the dark mists expires.

To be continued…


xarimus xarimus

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