Udotumal (Udo)

HIgh Cleric of the Order of Beli'avari


Udotumal is an Elvish male, tall (6’4"), slender, and fair skinned with long silken black hair usually pulled back and/or braided. He speaks slowly, deliberately, and with great authority. He is most often wearing the white robes of the Order of Beli’avari, with the holy symbol of the Order, in grey, mid-back, much the same as all the other followers of Beli’avari (excepting the claw, who wear a modified symbol). He wears no extra insignia to denote his leadership, but all in his presence have little trouble recognizing his authoritative presence. Despite this, almost everyone who’s met him would describe him as gentle and kind.


Udotumal, who often goes by “Udo” for short, is a High Cleric of the Order of Beli’avari. This is the highest position in the Order among those outside the forest walls, and as such his residence is within the Scleral Temple grounds. Udo has done more for the children of the ring than any other one man; from setting up and staffing orphanages, to lobbying the council for support of various community programs. Additionally, Udo serves as a non-voting member of the council in an advisory role.

Udotumal (Udo)

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