The Edge of Barine

Session Post - A gate destroyed and a pending vote

from our July 16th session

John playing Jahn
Toby playing Korinn Quinn
Ben playing Clifton
Chris playing Bruce Greyshadow
Izzy playing Oestra

Notable Quotables:
Clifton: “Watch this guys”
*rolls dice* The arrow flies wide but glances of Korinn’s shoulder and hits the trash beast right in the core, killing it instantly.
Clifton: “Nailed it!”

The remaining soldiers bare their chests so that you can see that they are not wearing any amulets
Chris: “Bruce softly runs his fingers through their chest hair”

Oestra: “I go find Ale!”

Our heroes pick up where they left off in the goblin cave with one cavern left to explore. They find it to be the goblin cookery were several goblin’s are cutting up some indecipherable “meat” they intend to cook and eat. Upon entering the area, a pile of trash that has been mutated by the chaos scar grabs and engulfs Jin. The heroes are able to fell the goblins and the trash beast but not before it manages to kill Jin. After reading him his rights, the heroes say goodbye to Jin and head back out of the cave.

On their way back up to the Rear Defensive Unit, they are attacked by a Chuul, a horrible disfigured beast born of the dark mists. They manage to dispatch it handily and carry on up out of the mists with the beast’s valuable claws in tow. They make it to the Unit, rest up for the night and head over to the temple (saving a young woman named Chelsea along the way) and meet with Udotumal where they tell him all that occurred during their quest.

Together they devise a plan to destroy the FAJ gate while hopefully avoiding any punishment or repercussions from the Scleral Council. They head down to the FAJ gate and manage to talk the force deployed to protect it into cooperating with their plan and hiding out in the temple till this all blows over, avoiding a bloody fight. They plant the device and take cover, the FAJ gate is destroyed!

Next, the heroes plan to take quick action to sway the council prior to the vote on the status of Baltus Rove’s new church, the Church of the Emerald Drake. But not before heading to the market district to sell their Chuul claws and glands! Udo arranges a meeting with Lady Caistine Dagarkin who is sympathetic to their cause. She tells them which council members may be on the fence about the Baltus and garuntees them that Petneiros and herself will vote against the church. The heroes decide to attempt to sway Lord Seatiln Droverson and Lord Beestinger, a move that will not be suspected.

They first approach the household of Lord Seatiln which he has opened up in order to hear from the commoners of the Ring. Those standing in line graciously give their spots to the heroes of the Festival and the meeting with Lord Seatiln ensues, during which they briefly run into their new friend Chelsea. The heroes tell him all that has happened, leaving nothing out and turn all of their evidence over to him. He admits that he can’t imagine that there would be any room for doubt amongst the council members and informs them that the vote will be moved to the following morning at dawn. He also agrees not to detain the heroes if they will leave their weapons with him. After Jahn narrowly bests Seatiln in a sparring match, the heroes agree to leave their weapons so they can approach Beestinger, whom they discover has been found nearby.

Finding Beestinger facing outward on a grassy outcropping they approach him only to have him raise his finger as if to say “wait just one more second”. They do wait, about 45 minutes, until finally a glowing butterfly leaves the flower that Beestinger is holding and flutters away. Setting down the flower he turns to address them at last. He tells the heroes that he will help them if he and a companion can accompany them into the forest (in disguise) when the time comes. They agree, and Beestinger tells them they can call him Stump from now on.

Tomorrow, the Vote!

To be continued…


xarimus xarimus

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