The Pantheon of Barine

Bar’graf – God of Chaos, The Tempest

Even to speak the true name of The Tempest is to bring a curse upon the land. Powerful geomancers call upon its essence to terrible ends. Bar’graf does not communicate with his followers, but its life force thrums within everything connected to the realm.

Pisrek – God of Deceit and Things that Crawl

The great beast has taken many horrific forms over the course of history. He is often depicted as a giant mutated scorpion, though it is not known if he has ever actually taken that form. Depraved druidic cults summon in his name. Pisrek is now Lord of Barine, all the Dark Lands belong to him and his armies conquer relentlessly and unopposed. He tricked the Goddess of Community into sharing his bed, and during the apex of their recreation he revealed his true form. In this act he gained victory over Naressa, as well as her lover Prasipho; the presence of the Goddess, has not been felt since.

Beli’avari – God of Knowledge and Forest

The elf is renowned for his studies on the Genesis Shards. His magic seeded the first forest of Barine, atop the mountains now called Nai-La-Ona. Beli’avari is revered by those who study the arcane arts, he encourages the seeking of knowledge, whether through personal meditation or great study. His students protect the forest, and the sanctity of its peace. The High Elf has sealed the mighty forest of Nai-La-Ona, the trees have grown together to form a solid wall and the upper limbs are as blades that cannot be traversed.

Nesemkhu – Goddess of Light and Music

The Golden Dragon returned to Barine at the end of the Seven Years War, bringing an end to the Greymoon after 100 days of night. Now she travels the skies as a great illumination, shedding light upon the entire realm. Occasionally, Nesemkhu will sing as she flies, music filling the air with melodies that resonate throughout the lands. Bards carry their instruments ever at their sides, ready to accompany the Golden Dragon in her verse, on these blessed occasions. Paladins revere her as well, and spread the light in her name. The lengths and times of days are sometimes erratic now, as Nesemkhu engages in the celestial war for Barine and cannot always provide light for the traditional cycle of day.

Rocksower – God of Freedom and Earth

The Grandfather Dwarf commands his followers to oppose slavery on all fronts and charges them with quelling the chaos within Barine. His heroes seek out and oppose those who try to harness the powers of The Tempest. Legend has Rocksower fighting Evil at the source of the dark mist; his followers pray for his victory and safe return, or seek to find and aid him.

Brahman – God of Battlements, Masonry, and The Forge

He is the minotaur who aided Rocksower in the confinement of several Genesis Shards, his most famed creation is the great adamantine Labyrinth of Black Devastation, Brahms commands his followers to create fine works, ordering them to conquer any obstacle with tactical superiority. Followers of Brahms insist he fights side by side with Rocksower, though a company of dwarves claims to have seen the Minotaur slain by The Eater, general of Pisrek’s armies.

Prasipho – Patron of Wild Magic and Shadow

A powerful Sorcerer Demigod, Prasipho is a dark elf who is able to tap the power of Bar’graf without letting it consume him, Prasipho desires retribution for the despicable trick played on him and his lover by the evil Pisrek. Severely weakened by the God of Deceit, Prasipho is rumored to be seeking a means to release the mighty dwarf Rocksower from his eternal stalemate with Bar’graf.

Naressa – Goddess of Community and Sea

She surrounded Barine with the ocean, she manifests now as a Sea Nymph of fearsome beauty. The fresh waterways of Barine are her design as well, a sprawling network connecting the various communities of the lands. She asks that her follower give gifts of friendship, her heroes protect the coasts and inland waterways so that commerce may thrive. Humiliated by Pisrek, Naressa is believed to have fled the realm in shame, her resentful spirit now drifts through the astral sea, drawing the ire or pity of other great and terrible powers.

The Pantheon of Barine

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